“Three Decades in China: Two Reforms”
By Ying Chan

Chapter One:
“Gradual Reform in China’s Media”
By Yang Jisheng

Chapter Two:
“Launching Southern Weekend”
By Zuo Fang

Chapter Three:
“Ten Years at Caijing magazine”
By Hu Shuli

Chapter Four:
“A History of Southern Metropolis Daily”
By Cheng Yizhong

Chapter Five:
“Chinese Media in the Storm of Political Reform”
By Qian Gang

Chapter Six:
“Building and Reforming China”
By Chen Ziming

Chapter Seven:
“Pitfalls and Obstacles to a Press Law in China”
By Sun Xupei

Chapter Eight:
“Thirty Years of Legal Development in China’s Media”
By Wei Yongzheng

Chapter Nine:
“Press Libel in China”
By Pu Zhiqiang

Chapter Ten:
“Blogs in China”
By Hu Yong

Chapter Eleven:
“The Chinese Journalist and the Problem of History”
By Lu Yuegang

Chapter Twelve:
“Pushing Ahead Toward Freedom of Speech”
By Li Datong

Chapter Thirteen:
“Watchdog Journalism in China Since 2001”
By Zhan Jiang