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Zhai Minglei on Google and China

In this recent post at his online “one-man newspaper, 1bao, CMP fellow Zhai Minglei reflected on recent Internet events in China, including Google’s announcement of a possible withdrawal from China. [More at...

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You have failed us, Mr. Wen

Reviewing decades of disaster and human folly, and years of wasted words about political reform, Zhai Minglei makes an impassioned case for democracy as the only way forward for China.

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Homeless in China’s brutal winter

Citizen journalist and CMP fellow Zhai Minglei, who now publishes his own "one-man newspaper" called Yibao, runs a lengthy series of investigative reports (organized by veteran journalist Wang Keqin) on the problem of homelessness in China's cities and detailing the suffering of migrants and others who struggle without shelter against the bitter cold of winter.

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