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The Civilized Village

The Chinese Communist Party's vision of the small fishing village of Wukan has changed dramatically over the years. With the recent crackdown on protests there, we are witnessing the latest shift. Read More

Media Beat

“We will not give an inch”

Three articles, angry and resolved, on the South China Sea, make the front page of the Chinese Communist Party's flagship newspaper today, following yesterdays decision against China at a UN tribunal. Read More


Reading the “Nine-Dash” Line

The so-called "nine-dash line" is at the centre of a territorial dispute in the South China Sea decided against China at the UN. But how has the "nine-dash line" been defended in the CCP's official newspaper? Read More

Media Beat

Bullets and smartphones

A recent piece in the People's Daily from a top censorship official provides a disturbing glimpse into the depths of Xi Jinping's ambition when it comes to information control. Read More

Media Beat

Human rights in the People’s Daily

Today's edition of the official mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party carries a front page article on China's human rights white paper, released yesterday, and the full text of the report fills two of the inside pages. Read More