Qian Gang

Qian Gang is a veteran Chinese journalist and media scholar whose career spans the reform era. Starting his journalism career in the late 1970s at a reporter for the People’s Liberation Army Daily, Mr. Qian was later managing editor of Southern Weekly, a leading mainland newspaper known under his tenure for its independent streak. He also is one of the founders of China Central Television’s News Probe, a weekly investigative news magazine. Qian Gang’s award-winning book, The Great China Earthquake, an account of the earthquake that struck Tangshan in north China in 1976, remains a landmark work of reportage and is required reading for Hong Kong secondary school students. Mr. Qian’s current interest and expertise focuses on the evolving political discourse of the Chinese Communist Party as revealed through official state media.

The Tea Leaves of Xi-Era Discourse

Five years ago, I published an article in Media Digest called “Textual Analysis of the 18th Congress Political Report” in which I listed 10 key terms to focus on to analyze the trends presaged in the report. Prior to this year’s 19th Congress, we took a different approach, compiling a database of more than 300,000 words from the political reports of every Party congress held since the 11th National Congress in 1977. Some of the results around certain keywords in that database can be found in Chinese here. Understanding the textual history of discourse evolution is helpful in analyzing...

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Our Quick Take on Xi Jinping’s Report: 2

Building on yesterday’s reading of Xi Jinping’s political report to the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, we can add the following observations. We will continue to update our readers as we note points of significance in the hefty document: 4. The tifa, [the Party must] “act within the scope of the law” (在宪法法律范围内活动) has vanished from the political report. This phrase was first introduced at the 12th congress in 1982, right at the outset of the reform period. It was again in use at the 13th congress. At the 15th congress in 1997, it was, “The...

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Our Quick Take on Xi Jinping’s Report 1

Xi Jinping’s political report today to the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party was a long and drawn-out affair. There is a great deal of discourse to grapple with. But this is our initial take on some of the key points. 1. Xi Jinping’s “banner term,” the phrase that is meant to seal his legacy, is: “The Thought of New Era Socialism With Chinese Characteristics” (新时代中国特色社会主义思想). The history of what has been called “Deng San Ke” (邓三科), or the nod in key CCP political documents to “Deng Xiaoping,” the “Three Represents” (Jiang Zemin) and the “Scientific View...

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The missing speech

A new collection of the recent speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping leaves out one of Xi's most-touted speeches. CMP director Qian Gang investigates.

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