In an April 10, 2010, speech to top propaganda ministers from around China, Central Propaganda Department chief Liu Yunshan (刘云山) spoke of the need for awareness in news and propaganda work of a number of social problems that were becoming increasingly “prominent” in the lives of ordinary Chinese.

Liu summed these social issues up with a new formula called the “Seven How To Sees.” They are:

1. How to see uneven development in our country?
2. How to see employment difficulties?
3. How to see the problem of access to healthcare?
4. How to see fairness in educational opportunities?
5. How to see high housing prices?
6. How to see unfairness in wealth distribution?
7. How to see the problem of corruption?

In the course of news and propaganda work, says Liu, these questions must be brought together under the theory, line and policies of the Communist Party.