[From Roland Soong’s ESWN] Finally on the evening of May 16, I decided to watch the news program on Gansu TV in order to learn about the situation of the Wenchuan county earthquake. But I was disappointed with the results. The headline news story was about Gansu province party secretary Lu Ha consoling disaster victims in Wenyuan district while directing the disaster relief work. The video showed Party Secretary Lu looking as spirited, energetic and suave as always. He was neatly dressed, and he intentionally wore a pair of sunglasses. If you were not careful, you would have thought that this was a scene from the classical movie . After this first story, there came news stories about how the various provincial and city departments are seriously studying the spirit of the Central Political Bureau’s meeting and the various sectors of the province and cities are giving their love to the disaster area, and so on. Concerning the vital information about the damage in Wenyuan, the state of the earthquake relief work and the progress on the restoration of the Baocheng railroad line, there was not a single film shot. After the news program ended, the television serial drama followed. It did not look as if Gansu was the province which suffered the most damage from the earthquake right after Sichuan province . . . [Click here for the rest of the entry at ESWN].
[Posted by David Bandurski May 28, 2008, 10:10am]

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