This week is China Cybersecurity Week, an occasion for Party and government officials across the country to mobilize the population on a range of cyber issues — and, importantly, for them to demonstrate that they are falling into line in implementing the policy drives conceived at the top. So media everywhere are placing Cybersecurity Week on their front pages, highlighting their local ceremonies, and signaling the importance of President Xi’s related utterances.
Here is the front page from today’s Guangzhou Daily, the official mouthpiece of the Guangzhou Party Committee:

Ren Xuefeng Tours Cybersecurity Technology and Achievements Exhibition: Deeply Implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Internet Power Strategic Ideas
Guangzhou Daily (Multimedia reporters Bi Zheng and Jing Huaiqiao, correspondent Yue Zong) — Yesterday, the opening ceremony of the Fourth Guangdong Cybersecurity Propaganda Week and the 2017 Cybersecurity Technology and Achievements Exhibition were held in the No. 3. Hall of Guangzhou’s Poly World Exhibition Center. Deputy provincial secretary, Guangzhou Party Secretary, and provincial deputy director of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs, Ren Xuefeng (任学锋) was in attendance. . .

He emphasized that [we] must deeply implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s ideas strategic ideas on [China as an] internet power, adhering to the step-in-step progress of cybersecurity and cyber-development, accelerating the universalization of information services, advancing the building of smart cities, allowing the people to all enjoy the fruits of the development of informatization.
We must fully unleash the role of internet enterprises in research and development and innovation, greatly advancing strategic advances in core internet technologies, standing at the summit of innovation and development, injecting new vitality into economic and social development in Guangdong.
We must deeply develop the universalization of knowledge about cybersecurity, fully raising our capacity to protect the internet, prioritising information content and technical security, governing the internet in accord with the law, striking severe blows to illegal activities online, building a protective screen for cybersecurity, creating a favorable online environment for victoriously convening the 19th National Congress of the CCP.

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