We are now just two weeks from the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. And while it is difficult to know what to expect from the meeting’s political report, a highly formalized document that will outline the priorities and accomplishments of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Party he leads, we can familiarize ourselves with the political reports of China’s past — and the stilted discourse therein.
With that in mind, here are downloadable links to each political report since the 8th National Congress of the CCP in September 1956, spanning more than 60 years. Of the English-language reports at left, all are Word files with the exception of the file for the 13th National Congress, which is available only in PDF. We have so far not found easily accessible versions of the reports for the 8th and 9th congresses, for which we welcome input.
Good luck fishing through those CCP buzzwords!
8th CCP Congress Report
9th CCP Congress Report
10th CCP Congress Report       [CHINESE]
11th CCP Congress Report       [CHINESE]
12th CCP Congress Report       [CHINESE]
13th CCP Congress Report     [CHINESE]
14th CCP Congress Report       [CHINESE]
15th CCP Congress Report       [CHINESE]
16th CCP Congress Report       [CHINESE]
17th CCP Congress Report       [CHINESE]
18th CCP Congress Report       [CHINESE]

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