A report released in 2016 in China about the protection of internet users’ rights said that 37 percent of web users had suffered some sort of “economic loss” as a result of fraudulent activities online. Meanwhile, 84 percent of web users had experienced “harmful effects” as a result of having personal information leaked online. Despite serious problems — including the elephant in the room, the government’s own draconian use and plans for personal information — China does not yet have a Data Protection Law.
The above cartoon, by Yi Zhengyi (尹正义), somewhat incongruously illustrates the issue of personal data security as a scroll of information (looking very concerned) throwing up a mayday flag as it rides on the back of a shark bearing a knife and fork. The obvious implication: the online sharks are itching to eat your personal information — apparently with decent table manners?
The cartoon was shared as part of the Comic Comment series at the online site of Seeking Truth, a journal published by the Chinese Communist Party.

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