As news came over the past week that China’s stock exchanges had slid into world number three position, falling behind Japan, on the back of international trade tensions and domestic moves to curb debt, microblog posts about stock markets, Trump and the “trade war” were heavily deleted on Sina Weibo.
This mirrored sensitivities in the traditional media, where pieces like this one from Caijing magazine — “Bickering to This Extent, Can China and the US Get Back to Where They Once Were?” — were also pulled from the internet.

The link for the Caijing magazine piece about US-China trade relations now turns up an error message: “The page does not exist. In 5 seconds you will be redirected to the homepage.”
The following are several posts listed together at the top of the deleted posts archive at the Weiboscope, compiled by our colleagues at the Journalism & Media Studies Centre.

2018-08-05 11:38:54 | Trump says that tariffs have already been a major harm to China, and this is seen in the fact that stock prices have fallen 27% in the past four months. But the question is whether China’s stock market has any connection to China’s real economy?
2018-08-05 11:38:54 | 川普称关税战已经让中国经济受到重伤,表现在中国股市已经在过去四个月跌了27%。问题是中国股市和中国经济有正向关联吗? ​
2018-08-05 11:31:06 | It’s very clear that A-shares are excessively bearish. But when can people be bullish again? I don’t know either.
2018-08-05 11:31:06 | 很显然,A股是过度悲观了。但是,人们什么时候可以乐观起来?我也不知道。 ​
2018-08-05 10:36:16 | Trump is most pleased with himself about how the US economy and stock market have risen since he came to office, and he has talked about the stock market in many settings, so he continues to push his hegemonic policies around the world. The China stock market slump has given him even more confidence. If we want to counter Trump and restrain his hegemonic policies, a good method is to push China’s stock market up and strike at his confidence. Why are we not doing that? The A-share market keeps on slumping, causing a great deal of harm. ​
2018-08-05 10:36:16 | 特朗普最得意的就是他上任以来美国经济和股市总体是上涨的,很多场合说过股市,因此在世界范围继续推行他的霸权政策。中国股市低迷给了他很大信心变本加厉,要对付特朗普遏制他的霸权政策,将中国股市搞上去是打击他自信的很好手段,为什么就不呢?A股股市低迷不断走低,百害而无一利,股市低迷影响大…全文: ​
2018-08-05 10:07:11 | //@ChongqingNewsBrother: A couplet for the New Era: On one side, “Amazing is my country!” On the other, “Wretched are my stocks!”
2018-08-05 10:07:11 | //@重庆新闻哥:新时代对联:上联利害了我的国;下联跌惨了我的股。

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