Mainstream Chinese media have not yet commented on regulations issued yesterday through Xinhua News Agency that formalize already strict limitations on cooperation between Chinese media and foreign newswires, but critical blogs and web postings (with a trickle in support) are already multiplying. The following are postings (or gentie) that appeared this morning on Netease (, where there were already more than 1,000 postings on the subject:

Things are looking more and more like North Korea.

It’s a good idea, cutting down on those foreigners slandering, rumormongering and vilifying the people of our country!

We’re moving further and further backward!!

Xinhua News Agency’s behavior first of all can not violate the principle of “freedom of expression” as stipulated in the constitution! Xinhua is not the government and is not the law!

Offering no opinion is the best opinion one can offer!

“Xinhua News Agency, according to national laws, administrative procedures and relevant State Council regulations, formulates “Management Procedures for Foreign News Agencies Disseminating News and Information in China” (below called “procedures”), to be in effect from the day of announcement.”
Xinhua News Agency!!!!!
[Making] regulations!!!!!!!!

Actually things have always been done this way, they just haven’t been as flagrant as this time.

Don’t intrude on our right to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are they afraid people will say?? If everything’s open and aboveboard, what do we have to fear?? Where has our Party’s tradition gone????

Living in an information age, people’s eyes are discerning (ie. “as bright as snow”). Can we be so easily hoodwinked?

I firmly support Xinhua’s management procedures. If we don’t strictly control things, well then they will have no scruples, and will say anything. How is it possibly OK to let ordinary Chinese people know anything? So, I firmly support Xinhua’s management procedures.

Does Xinhua News Agency have this kind of power????
This is classic playing both athlete and referee …
This kind of action really treats the people like idiots…
Is this ultimately about the good of the country, or about what’s good for Xinhua???
I’m afraid it’s so that [Xinhua] doesn’t receive any competition from foreign newswires.

[See ESWN for more coverage]
[Posted by David Bandurski, September 11, 2006, 12:45pm]

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