China brought its growing online music industry under closer strutiny, announcing new regulations calling for tighter control of original, not-for-profit creative works as well as foreign-produced music distributed within China [Coverage at].
The announcement of the regulations said written requests must be submitted to the Ministry of Culture for all “imported” music products to be broadcast on the Internet by “Web-based cultural businesses”. Proof of copyright, copies of relevant online licensing agreements and “other documents”, as well as a copy of the music on disk, would be necessary for the approvals process.


Those “making bold” distribute foreign music in China via the Internet and without prior approval from the Ministry of Culture would be punished, said the announcement. [ABOVE: News of the new online music regulations top the headlines at this morning.]
Without offering specifics, the announcement also said Web portals and other companies offering online music would be required to “strengthen examination” of not-for-profit music posted by Web users, citing the need for a more “civilized” online culture.
The regulations also ban foreign investment in Internet entertainment companies.
[“China tightens control on ‘network music‘”, People’s Daily Online]
[Posted by David Bandurski, December 12, 2006, 6:37pm]

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