China Economic Times, a newspaper published by the Development Research Center of the State Council, published a lengthy story yesterday on the Lan Chengzhang case by former CMP fellow Wang Keqin, one of China’s leading investigative reporters. Wang Keqin’s report is the most thorough to appear so far on the controversial case, in which Lan, who was working as a reporter for China Trade News, was attacked while reportedly working on a story about an illegal mine in Shanxi province. The case has drawn strong attention from the Chinese public, top officials and domestic and foreign media since the first report appeared in Southern Metropolis Daily on January 16. (Kudos to Hong Kong blogger Roland Soong for translating the entire Wang Keqin report).
More on Wang Keqin and his work is available through the CMP site, including a case study on one of Wang’s earlier reports on corruption in Beijing’s taxi industry.
[Posted by David Bandurski, January 25, 2007, 12:47pm]

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