A recent report in Gaungdong’s official Nanfang Daily newspaper explored the financial burdens facing middle class families in China as they deal with the costs of urban housing, healthcare, education and other expenses. The report looked at the household expenses of one couple identified as “Y” and “C”, both university graduates, with a total household income of 10,000 yuan per month. Despite decent incomes, the couple has found it difficult to maintain their lifestyle while raising a child. At one point, “Y” is quoted as saying: “If I could make the choice all over again, I would not have a child, because we have no way of supporting the next generation.” In the following cartoon, posted by artist Zhang Xianda (张贤达) to his QQ blog, a middle class father bends under his modern burdens — an apartment, a child and a car.

David Bandurski

CMP Director

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