As CMP fellow Hu Yong (胡泳) explains, China’s blogosphere and microblogs “exploded” with conversation after dissident Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波) was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on October 8, 2010. Under strict press controls, however, there have been few other voices of protest inside China against the imprisonment of Liu Xiaobo. The drawings of artist Kuang Biao (邝飚), such as this one, have been among the most outspoken. In this cartoon, posted by Kuang to his QQ blog, the white dove of peace, bearing in its beak the laurel branch — a fairly subtle reference to China’s most recent laureate, Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波) — is trapped inside a cage and carried off on the back of a distinctly feudal jailer.

David Bandurski

CMP Director

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