On the night of October 16, a sedan struck two female students in the dormitory area of Hebei University, killing one and seriously injuring the other, Chinese media reported. The driver, identified as Li Qiming (李启铭) (also known as Li Yifan/李一帆), the son of an influential local police official in Baoding City, reportedly did not stop, but continued on to pick up his girlfriend. Students and security guards were eventually able to box the vehicle in when it drove back past the scene, but the driver simply shouted: “Make a report if you dare — my dad is Li Gang (李刚)!” Li Qiming, 22, was placed in criminal detention and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. His threat to his student captors became an instant hit online, and a source of popular anger. In this cartoon, posted by artist Kuang Biao (邝飚) to his QQ blog, the proud Li Qiming, his body shaped into an official stamp representing government power, wears a bright yellow t-shirt the reads, “My Dad is Li Gang!” Under the stamp is sprawled the chalk line of a victim.

David Bandurski

CMP Director

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