This afternoon posted a very interesting special page dealing with a recent series of conservative articles appearing in the official People’s Daily, including this one, which we fully translated here at CMP. Topped with a Cultural Revolution-era image of Party writers — an image uncomfortable to many Chinese, who would rather not repeat the ideological rancor of those days — the special page asked who the writer of these editorials, identified as Zheng Qingyuan (郑青原), really is.

The page also included a table revealing the flesh-and-blood people behind a number of prominent official editorial pen names.
We barely had time to pull the content on the page down and save it before the link to the special page was “harmonized.” Many of the links at Sohu for content included on the special page, such as an article from Beijing Evening News headlined, “Who is Zheng Qingyuan?”, were also removed, yielding “404” messages.
Here is a PDF of the full page: Sohu Missing Page 11.2

David Bandurski

CMP Director

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