Unveiling the results of a national survey of attitudes toward marriage that seems to bode ill for single men hoping to tie the knot in an era of sky-high housing prices, the All-China Women’s Federation said 70 percent of single women surveyed say a man must own a home and have a stable source of income before they will agree to marriage. More than 40 percent of women surveyed said they hoped to find a spouse with a government job. In this cartoon, posted by artist Xu Jian (徐简) to his QQ blog, the single Chinese male (at center) with a rose of courtship clasped in his teeth is burdened by huge coins hanging from his arms as he is crushed under the weight of the single woman’s expectations, a huge dialogue bubble that reads: “I must have a house [before we marry]!” On his other side, a fat official tells him that high housing prices are necessary. In the upper left, Cupid flutters away despondently. “Even the rich will stay single all their lives,” Cupid says, “I’m out of work!”

David Bandurski

CMP Director

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