According to a September 2011 report in the Legal Mirror (据法制晚), “school choice” leapt to the top of the list of education-related concerns facing Chinese in a survey taken this year, with more than 80 percent of parents surveyed saying that school choice in their cities was a major problem, meaning they felt the options available to their kids were poor. Difficult admissions requirements and high fees moved down from the top of the list from last year. Difficulties in school choice were reportedly resulting in a host of other burdens for families as they changed household registrations (户口), paid massive “school selection fees” (巨额择校费) or sought well-placed connections to get their kids in schools of their choice. In this cartoon, posted by Kunming-based studio Yuan Jiao Man’s Space (圆觉漫时空) to, concerned parents, bearing their children on their backs, try against all odds to scale the cliff that separates their children from the excellent school of their choice.

David Bandurski

CMP Director

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