The following post from Sina Weibo user and blogger Zuo Yeben (作业本), a pen name that means “Homework Book,” was deleted from Sina Weibo sometime after 1:31pm Hong Kong time, Febuary 8, 2012. Zuo Yeben currently has more than 178,000 followers on Weibo, according to Sina’s numbers. [More on deleted posts at the WeiboScope Search, by the Journalism and Media Studies Centre].

You cannot expect me, who from birth to death cannot expect to know what a ballot looks like, who lives in a country that has been top-ranked on a global national satisfaction [survey], to look on as you: sleep night after night in luxury villas, drink tea and read the paper every day in sumptuous public buildings, escort your mistresses around in sedans of privilege, eat and drink from your own special supply, send your sons and daughters overseas, pocket huge welfare funds and cheat people left and right, bribe and embezzle and hide the money away overseas, and fall asleep as soon as any meeting begins . . . And me, even to open a miserable Weibo account I have to use my real name.

Zuo Yeben’s original post follows:


NOTE: All posts to The Anti-Social List are listed as “permission denied” in the Sina Weibo API, which means they were deleted by Weibo managers, not by users themselves.

David Bandurski

CMP Director

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