In recent years, the internet has become the leading source of information for a large swathe of the Chinese population. An interactive medium, the internet enables Chinese to become sources of information, not merely passive audiences. Online bulletin boards and chatrooms, and now of course Twitter-like Weibo, have allowed Chinese to share facts and opinions about the world around them. This epic shift in the information environment has also meant that Chinese often share information China’s government leaders, companies or individuals would rather keep quiet. In the cartoon above, a classic from 2011, artist Kuang Biao (邝彪) humorously conveys the impact of the internet on authority with his own rendition of the Last Supper. Jesus is sitting at the table with his disciples. They have just finished their meal, what looks to have been a hearty meat dish (evidenced by the lingering bones). Jesus, having apparently just learned of his betrayal by someone among them (Is that Judas holding the mobile device?), says: “Ok, which of you leaked the contents of our meal on the internet?”

David Bandurski

CMP Director

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