The following post by Chinese cultural critic Luo Xue Shi Hua (落雪是花) about anti-Japanese protests in China this week over the issue of sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands, which are claimed by both China and Japan, was deleted from Sina Weibo sometime before 1:50pm today, August 20, 2012. Luo Xue Shi Hua currently has more than 87,000 followers, according to numbers from Sina Weibo. [More on deleted posts at the WeiboScope Search, by the Journalism and Media Studies Centre].
The post includes an image of Chinese smashing a Japanese vehicle during protests on the mainland. Protesters in Shenzhen yesterday overturned Japanese-brand vehicles and smashed them as crowds cheered.

A translation of Luo Xue Shi Hua’s post follows:

Wang Shuo [said]: People who wouldn’t even dare berate the thief on the street, but they’re brave enough to call for the destruction of the Japanese. A band of people who don’t give a damn about the sufferings of the living all around them, but they have the nerve to say they won’t forget the lives of brethren long dead. In Japan, these people would be called fascists, in Germany they would be called Nazis, but in China they are called patriots.

The following is the original Chinese post:


NOTE: All posts to The Anti-Social List are listed as “permission denied” in the Sina Weibo API, which means they were deleted by Weibo managers, not by users themselves.

David Bandurski

CMP Director

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