The following post by Hong Kong columnist Ko Waiyin (高慧然) about how protests against “national education” curriculum in Hong Kong are still going on despite the government backing down on plans to make the curriculum mandatory, was deleted from Sina Weibo sometime before 9:21 p.m. yesterday, September 11, 2012. Ko currently has more than 20,000 followers, according to numbers from Sina Weibo. [More on deleted posts at the WeiboScope Search, by the Journalism and Media Studies Centre].

Hong Kong people are so worthy of pride!.

The post was a comment made to another post, not deleted as of 12:58 p.m. Wednesday, that reads: “It’s 33 degrees outside, and so many people! Protests are still going on.”
The original post shares an image of ongoing protests against “national education” in Hong Kong:

Why was Ko’s post deleted while the original post with a photograph of the protests was not? Possibly because while Ko has more than 20,000 followers, the original poster has less than 3,000.
Ko’s original Chinese-language post follows:


NOTE: All posts to The Anti-Social List are listed as “permission denied” in the Sina Weibo API, which means they were deleted by Weibo managers, not by users themselves.

David Bandurski

CMP Director

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