In November and December 2012, Chinese media reported widespread corruption in the administration of a national school lunch program. Media found that in many places in China the 3 yuan per day allocated for each child through a national school lunch program was giving children nothing more than a piece of bread and a box of milk — the rest of the money being pocketed by corrupt administrators. In the above cartoon, posted by artist Da Shixiong to Sina Weibo, an official hiding a suitcase full of cash behind his back labeled “corruption” urges a student to soar. The student, however, has only a paper airplane (labeled “Healthy School Lunch”) strapped to his back with which to fly because the corrupt local official has undercut his future by stealing his lunch money. The child is carrying a piece of bread and a box of milk. Behind the child is a rundown school building raising the national flag.

David Bandurski

CMP Director

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