Thanks to an astounding ability to land on their feet, cats have been said to have nine lives. Surviving as a political cartoonist on Chinese social media apparently requires a similar level of agility.
Kuang Biao (邝飚), one of China’s boldest and most original cartoonists, announced yesterday that his account on Sina Weibo had been shut down yet again. Kuang told the China Media Project that this is the 29th time his account has been shut down on the popular social media platform.

In his first Weibo post on his new account, “Brother Kuang Cartoon 28” (飚哥漫画28世), which already has more than 2,200 fans, Kuang wrote: “Goodnight my friends! Just now Brother Kuang Cartoon 27 was buried alive. . . I’m so fortunate to have been born in a nation of rule of law, where I experience the joy of democracy and freedom.”
The post was accompanied by one of Kuang’s earlier works (ABOVE), in which a monstrous figure squatting over a workbench prepares to plane a dissident so that they conform to his specifications.

[ABOVE: Cartoonist Kuang Biao sets up a new Weibo account after his latest was shut down on March 20.]

David Bandurski

CMP Director

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