In April 2013, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un edged his isolated country to the brink of conflict by preparing the launch of missiles on its eastern coast and warning of pending nuclear war against South Korea and its ally the United States. The bellicose actions of North Korea also drew oblique disapproval from its long-time ally China, underscoring its increasing isolation. China’s Global Times newspaper wrote on April 11: “The North Korean regime has to face up to the difficulties in returning to the international community if it refuses to give up its nuclear ambitions. Even if the US and South Korea make concessions, the North still confronts problems such as sanctions and economic obstacles. Concrete moves are needed to solve the current dilemma that the North faces.” In the above cartoon, posted by artist Johnny Won to Sina Weibo (原子漫画), an impish Kim Jong-un, naked but for a childlike superhero cape, stands atop a pedestal and urinates on the United States, Japan and South Korea. Off to one side, China leans on its cane and says, “Stupid child, you’re asking for death.”

David Bandurski

CMP Director

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